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Update: 2012-04-02 - Alien Slave Hunters - On The Hunt For Fresh Meat.

Amzones in trouble - Tasty little Snacks - Somebody think of the flowers please - Meat Deliveries - Heavy Duty Ponygirls - The Kings Caterer - Soylent Green Hunters - Medieval Milkers - Milkers of the Future - Highland Milkers - Branding a CowGirl - Oriental Crucifixion - Some dolcett type stuff: Boiled by canibals - Successful women hunters / Nuns of the sadistic abbess Voyeur / Stalker pics added - The gasmasked rubber tentacle shemale - Happy new year - Hooker in trouble - Molested by Tentacles - Used And Abused Slaves - Tentacle Schoolgirl - Sadistic Expriments - Tortured In Dark Dungons - Victims Of Strange Experiments - Pornographic Dioramas Well Trained Slaves And Ponygirls - Slave Waitress - Limbless Toy - Tentacle Rape - A Little Bit Of Dolcett - DickGirls In Bondage - Slave Wife For Sale - The Tentacle Woods - DickGirl Lab - Horror Porn - Slave Waitress - Doom Porn - Biomechanic alien fucking machine - Tentacle Tank - Horror Cargo - Reptile Vore - Fresh Meat Factory - Slave Nuns Prayer - Robot Fuck - Slave Nun Training - Rubber Nuns - Pirate Porn - Tentacle Porn Lab - Rubber Slave in the dungen - Mistress fucked by robot - Pirates spoils of war - Angel of death is a cute litte thing - School for disobedient housewives - Crucified Nun - Schoolgirl trapped by tentacles - Real Ponygirls - IO Horror Porn - Latex Whore - Rubber slave road

I always wondered why censorship all over the world is so anal about tentacle porn... but now i had the change to visit a tentacle porn shooting. The conditions are inhuman, the tentacles are brutal and even refuse to use condoms!

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hungry cannibals

The Happy Cannibal

Happy meat and happy cannibals living in a Dolcett fairytale world
Waiting for the Butcher - Roasted Tits

The Happy Cannibal
tentacle alice

Slut City Comics

A place full of submissive babes. Always horny, always willing and always eager to please.

The caring Wife - The Factory - Slut Police
The old Tavern - City Live

- Slut City Comics -

Afterdark 3D

tentacle alice

Alice in Tentacle Land

Poor Alice gets sucked into the land of horny tentacles

- Alice in Tenacle Land -

Street Fuck Attack

sissyboy porn

SissyBoy 3D

Cute Sissy gets a strapon surprise - Public SissyBoy humiliation
Afternoon fun at SissyBoy Mansion - The Sissy Maid Bistro

- Sissy Boy Porn -

3D Heavy Fantasy

dark magic porn

Black Magic Porn

A new toy for the evil wizard and his demons
Breeding a swamp demon it a demanding task
At the mercy of the sadistic Tec Witch

- Black Magic Porn -

slave madhouse

MadHouse of Fear

Well-trained personal and time-proven therapies
ensure that no Slavegirl leaves sane.

Electro Punishment - Special Needle Therapy
Forced Sperm Feeding - Immobilization

slave girl porn

Slave Girl City - City of slavers and slaves

Update: Bad Cop Show
2nd Hand Slaves - The Factory Manager - Fun with slave workers - Ruins of Slave Girl City - Slave Maid Bistro 2 - Full Service - Judge Pain and his Court of Punishment - Slave GIrl Prison - Special Punishment - Insubordinate Slave Girl undergoes a special electro and enema punishment - Prison for runaway slave girls - African Slave Hunters - Everyday life - French Slave Maid Bistro - Hard farm life: A poor slave pulls a heavy plow and gets some cum as reward - Street scenes: Meeting a good friend and public humiliation pillory - The mansion: Slavers have fun with their slave maidens - The old plant: Slave girls suffering from hard work and abuse at the old plant

Preview: Ancient Slaves: Barbarians
Circus of Pain - Strong dick performance - Sharp Shooter

Slave Girl City Porn

3D BDSM Dungeon

I Draw Pain

Update: The Ponygirl Shop
SciFi PonyGirls and the Ponygirl Police - Sweating Ponygirls pulling carts and pleasing their masters. Hard training gives ponygirls their endurance, flexibility and sexual abilities. A strict sperm diet keeps ponygirls in shape. Puppygirls, cute devoted and trained DoggyGirls. Milkers - Two Legged Cows - The Wild West - The old Mill - PonyGirl Shopping Ride

PonyGirl Porn
dickgirl bondage

DickGirl Bondage

Update: Dickgirl Dungeon School
The school for DickGIrl Slaves - DickGirl slave vs Shemale Hulk
Submissive slave DickGirls and - Shemales bound in the woods
or the sewers, trained in dark - dungeons, working as hookers
and abused as slave maids - Dickgirl anal punishment. Priestess
of Dickgirls. Devoted Sales Dickgirl - The Dickgirl laboratory

DickGirl Bondage
dickgirl school

DickGirl Porn City - Public Dickgirl Bondage

The city of horny dickgirls. The school for dickgirls: Used by the janitor, caught in the toilet - disciplined by the teacher, forced to cum with intense gymnastic instructions.

Update: Dickgirl School Detention Class
After School Fun - Public Dickgirl Orgy DickGirl School. The Nurse - Dickgirl gets a medical exam - DickGirl Gym - The Hospital Ward - A lonely, sick dickgirl gets visitors - DickGirl School - Horny dickgirls - on the schoolbus - Public Dickgirl Bondage: The wedding day present - public - streets bondage - dickgirl bondage in the woods - displayed and used
The DickGirl Farm: Special breeds, dick and tit milk. DickGirlPonys, glamorous and heavy duty - 2 DickGirl french maids in love pics added- Public DickGirl Sex - The DickGirl Milk Farm - A normal day on the streets of dickgirl city - Dickgirl maid and waitress at work.

DickGirl Porn City
Futanari Beauties

3D Futanari and DickGirls
dickgirl school

Tentacle Porn Swamp

Update: Sacrificed to tentacles
Hidden Tentacle Cult- The Tentacle Swamp Shack - Wishing well of the tentacle - A Anime Doll gets fucked by tentacles in a dark wine cellar. A tentacle monster escapes from its prison. Hentai slave girls getting a propper tentacle training. A treasure hunt ends with a rought tentacle fuck for a careless anime babe. Busty anime girls serving as milkers for monsters. Terrified hentai slaves used as breeders for creepy parasites. A horny anime schoolgirl meets the tentacle. Outdoor Tentacles - City Tentacles
The Tentacle Laboratory
Tentacle Porn Swamp
tentacle guy

Tentacle Porn City

Update: Cursed Space Station - Level D

Tentacle City Prison - Tentacle High School Restrooms - A night at the tentacle sewers - Guys transformed into tentacle outlaws - Schoolgirls and girlscouts molested by tentacles - Sacrificed as fuck toy for tentacles - Horny babes trolling monsters for a good tentacle fuck

Cute girl goes through the tentacle fraternity pledging - Tentacle convent: Tentacle worshiping nuns - The Tentacle Space Station

Tentacle Porn City
Tentacle Porn Movies
tentacle porn
limbless slave

IO Section Horror Porn

Danger at the Parasite Lab - Reaching the alien lab. Bad news for the last girl of the outpost - Maintenance tunnel to alpha post added - A station on a Jupiter moon - horrible experiments in secret laboratories go wrong - sex androids - slave clones - sinister scientists - horny secretarys - BSL4 lab, Myriam becomes a breeder for tentacles - Alpha Labs Tentacle Porn - Sex crazed monsters and begging victims - Busty milker clones - Hidden storage of horror - Dangrous & deadly freight and war robots - knocked up by creeped moster - Gateway to Gamma - Pregnant slaves, ready to give birth to monsters - Containment and Feeding Area - Cute assistant is afraid to become meat for monsters - The last slave clones are fed to the monsters and - the situation gets out of controll - Escape from the Containment Area - Outpost B: Dead Babes - More Outpost Beta horror and dead babes, robots and monsters are still fighting. Lloigor Milking Station

Update IO Archive: The Ritual Part 1

The IO Archive (AVS)

Horror Labs: Alien Dragonflys / Tentalce Fuckstation / Monster Pregnancy Freak: Sexual performance test - Chimera 1 : Insemination
3D Monster Porn
porn monsters

Gonzo Monster Sex
taboo demon sex

3D Evil Porn
taboo demon sex
robot porn

Robot Porn

Horny, sex crazed robots conquered the world

Update: Metropolis of Porn Robots
Alien and biomechanical fucking machines - rough robot fucking - babes hunted by war bots
robot porn laboratory - Slave Girl of Robots - Horror Spider Bot

Fucked By Robots
grey alien porn Cursed Space Station

A lonly space base on a remote astroid - Only a few cute space babes as crew - Haunted by demonic mosters and tentacles form outer space
Cursed Space Station -----

Grey Alien Porn
Helpless victims abducted by aliens. Alien sex slaves, frightening alien labs, mechanical tentacles
Grey Alien Porn -----
Shocking Sci-Fi Porn
scifi porn

Church Of Slave Nuns

Update : The sadistic abbess - fisting and candle torture

Year 2020 - International mega corps and the church take over the world - A new age of darkness and cruelty beclouds mankind and hell finally rules earth - Punished Slave Nun Blessed - Visit At The Slave Convent School - Daily Torture - Torturers Bathhouse - Crucified Nun - Cathedral of Pain - Used Slave Nuns - Bondage Nuns In Slave Training - Nude Nuns At Work

Church Of Slave Nuns

rubber slave

Rubber Slave Mansion

Update : Outdoor slave training at the pond
French Rubber Maids - Blowjob, floor-licking and watersports training

The Rubber Nun trains her slaves with enemas, breath controll, spanking and anal fisting. - Vocally trained slaves entertain guests in a special pain show featuring long needles, spanking - and a enema machine. Special rubber cleaners scrub the floors of the mansion. In the mansions - dungeon rubber slaves get trained to satisfy kinky desires.
The city of rubber slaves and latex whores.- Lil Rubber Whorehouse - Public cum buckets and cleaning services - Latex street whores at work - $5 all you can fuck rubber street whore day.

Rubber and Latex Porn City
frankenstein porn

Frankenstein Horror Porn

Update : Frankenstein's Horror Sex Lab

Horror Spider - Custom Designed Slave Clones - Slaves Turned into Living Furniture - Genetical Modified Limbless Sex Toys - The Factory
Frankenstein Porn
My new place for NON porn renders ( but still strange and kinky ;) and the home of the little Angel Of Death

Little Pit of Strange Joy

Update: Amazones
Things you won't see in the comics: The Shemale Hulk Evil Genie - Brothers and Sisters - Diclonius. Pinheads last moments. Little angel has a crush on porn mongers. Some aliens have a encounter of the terminal kind Little Angel meets the tentacle. Bad, little brother, Say ya prayers, Bloody tea time, from my cold dead fingers Litte Angel: Reversed Inquisition, Tentacles: Tentacle Outlaws, Mad Scientist: Mad Fun, It's alive

Real Live Porn:

Caged Tushy - Hot ass babes abused in prison